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Weekly Workout

So this week has been tough for me workout wise. I felt exhausted at all times and couldn’t do as much weight as I normally do in my spin classes. I focused on not letting it discourage me and kept going to class anyway. Sometimes this will be more difficult and other times you will breeze through like it’s nothing. This week was just tough.

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I continued with morning workouts of Spin and Barre this week with some Sauna time as well. This week the sauna was the best time for me. I really needed some detox and time to meditate. For me this is a great place to meditate because I am alone in a box basically with no way out. lol I get to think a lot about the week, goals and changes I want to make. It is a time to reflect on previous weeks and moments. I think it is vital to take time to yourself and really focus on your goals.

Have you tried an In-fared Sauna? What are you thoughts on meditating?