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For those of you who are new to the blog, I am from Indiana and we moved to Texas in 2015. I was blessed enough to spend 2 and 1/2 weeks in Indiana in November. I celebrated Thanksgiving and my niece’s first birthday. I enjoyed family time, food, hiking, play time and my high school friends.

One of my favorite things about going back is the small town I grew up in, believe me at the time I didn’t appreciate it then, but now when I get to visit I love that I know someone everywhere I go. It take just 5 minutes to get to my friends house and I get to eat at all of my favorite places. My sister and her family live in the house I grew up in and that is such a blessing. My niece is growing up in the room my sister and I shared as little girls. We didn’t always share it the best but we are closer than ever now. It is so amazing to see my baby sister being a mom, she is the best and my niece is very blessed. Her dad is pretty awesome too. We celebrated Thanksgiving at their house, which also happened to be Kylie’s first birthday. It was a wonderful day full of laughing and eating. Kylie loved all of the singing for her.

My sister and I took Kylie on a 3 mile walk around the house. We enjoyed some beautiful sunny time in November. We also went to Houston Woods State Park and hiked all over. Kylie slept most of the time so we had some fun being creative with our photos. We also got to see some gorgeous animals they have rescued. Being outside is so amazing, I didn’t appreciate it when I was younger, my family will attest to that, but now I love to hike and see what all nature has to offer. I will still freak out about bugs though so be on the look out. 🙂

It was wonderful to spend some time with my brother as well. He is hard to track down with his crazy travel schedule for his job, but when we are in town he always makes time to laugh with us.

There is so much I could share but the only part I cared about was spending time with my family. I wish I could see them everyday, when you get older and move out you really start to realize how lucky you are to grow up with everyone around you all the time.

What are some of your favorite memories with your family?



I am so excited to welcome you to wynnsparksfly! I have been wanting to do this for so long and finally here it is. Day-to-day woman was a great way for me to start my blog and share so much of my journey with you but wynnsparksfly was always my goal. I am going to continue to share with you my health and fitness journey. I have up graded my home gym, do regular group fitness classes and eat as healthy as I can. I will also be sharing the products I use and love along with the places I love to go.

Change is difficult for a lot of people and over the past several months/year I have gone through a lot of change and experienced a lot of changes around me. Some of them are wonderful and some have been hard to understand, each one has a purpose though and has brought me to where I am today. I am thankful for that. I have grown a lot and learned so much, life will continue to change with me and around me for a lifetime and I am going to do my best to embrace it all, even when it’s hard. I am going to share some of my changes along the way.


Being able to bring this goal to life is something I am very proud of. I am happy to bring it to life and share it with you. I hope you enjoy my journey and feel free to reach out and let me know what questions you have or what you want to hear about from me.

I have moved the past year of posts from Day-to-Day Woman here including the features of businesses and products I have loved. Check them out!