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Olly Nutrition

As you have seen on Instagram recently I have started taking Olly vitamins and now adding their protein powder and bars. I am loving the products and feel the benefits. I started with the vitamins. We were at Target getting who knows what and saw all the different vitamin options. We compared many different brands and decided to try Olly. After 30 days I could really see a difference in my energy levels. I did some research on the company and decided to try the protein powder, it is plant based and has been delightful. The bars are truly filling and the taste and texture are great. Texture can be really difficult with some of the protein bars or snack bars I have tried in the past.


Olly is B Corp Certified – “Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.” I mean why wouldn’t you want to do business with a company like this! Not only are they B Corp Certified they are also a member of the Council For Responsible Nutrition.

I cannot tell you enough how impressed I was with this company and every product I have tried has not disappointed. I truly recommend them for anyone looking for a great vitamin or healthy product. They even have vitamins specialized for kids. Visit their website to learn more and see more products. Their products are also sold at Target!


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The Nest – Frisco, TX

We went to breakfast with some friends one Saturday morning to try out The Nest in Frisco. We chose them purely based on their Instagram pics, yes we do that! We had a great experience. I will say that it is a small space with limited seating, especially at peak times.

We were able to get a table after a nice family left. We enjoyed lattes and all had different breakfast options. My fried egg sandwich was delicious and the lavender honey latte was to die for. I will be back for sure. Each of our plates looked beautiful and the options were unique making it even more fun. The adorable atmosphere and convenient location made for an easy trip too.

What are you favorite coffee shops or cafes?

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Weight Training – Goals & Benefits

I haven’t posted in awhile about the workouts and activities I have been doing. Recently I have really been focused on weight training and stretching. I am upping the weights and the reps. I make sure to do the middle round (I normally do 3 sets) until I literally can’t do another rep, weather that be arms, squats, planking just whatever exercise I am doing I use that rep or round to push as hard as I can. It gives each exercise as sense of warm up and cool down too. Allowing me a chance to get maximum burn.

A lot of women hesitate to do weights or don’t really do a lot of weight for fear of being too bulky. Ladies don’t be afraid! Those toned arms and leg you always say you want, those come from weight training. Grab the weights and push it! Here are some reasons why weight training is a must

  • As lean muscle increases so does your metabolism
  • For each pound of muscle you gain you burn 35-50 more calories per day
  • Decrease risk of Osteoporosis
  • Weight Training can raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after the secession
  • Improve Posture
  • Reduce Back pain
  • Enhance mood
  • Reduce Stress
  • Tone, lift and firm your body

These are some great reasons to grab some weight, even just 2 lbs, and get moving. If you don’t have hand weights you can use cans from your pantry, water bottles filled with water (even wine bottles) whatever you have at home that you have 2 of equal weight. Then head over to my home workouts tab and get to work! You don’t have to have a fully equipped home gym to start moving towards your goals.

My goals are currently to tone and increase my muscle mass, that means the number on my scale may go up but my fat is going to go down. Just another reason not to care about the number on the scale!

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Staying Active

After a surgery or injury it can be very easy to lose motivation or slack on activities and healthy choices. Don’t let this be you! Yes you need to rest and recover but you can make choices to keep you motivated and moving toward your goal or keeping your healthy lifestyle moving forward. You don’t want to have to start over, that is so much harder.

For the past the past 12 days I have not been able to lift anything or be too active, even stretching has been limited. (Abdominal surgery is tough on your entire body) However I have kept moving and been focused on eating healthy and making sure not to just lay around. My doctor wanted me to keep moving and walking, it helps to heal after my type of surgery. (Every one is different, you need to consult your medical provider!) I slowly started moving around the house and going up and down the stairs. After three days of nothing I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill, slow and steady but for this 30 minutes it really helped and I felt great. I have continued to walk everyday waiting for my post op where I can do more activity. We went on a hike last night, we chose a trail that wasn’t too advanced but still offered hills and gorgeous views.

Walking offers huge benefits on its own, see my prior post here about walking benefits!

Making healthy food choices has been a huge part of my post op as well. I want to fuel my body to heal and keep going. Smoothies, vitamins, protein, lean meats, veggies and low sugar have been my focus. I have a huge sweet tooth so keeping my sugars limited or just eating fruits have my sweet fix been my main focus. It is easy to fall into bad habits when you can’t do much so just focus on one choice at a time. When you are hungry is it worth it to go out and get fast food or can you make some quick eggs or a protein bar at home. Just one choice at a time! Don’t worry about everything at once it can be too overwhelming.

Again every injury and surgery is different so before you start walking or doing any activity consult your medical provider.


Personal Health

If you saw my story on Instagram last Thursday I promised a full health update so here it is.

We have been on a very long journey to hopefully one day be parents. It is not a journey that I ever planned to share/be on or one that I would ever want anyone to go through. After our wedding we wanted kids right away, as you know I do not have any children, so that didn’t happen. I never thought I would have any fertility issues or this would be our journey. It has been devastating, long, unexpected, surprising and educational. I have gotten a lot of questions and this will answer some. I am not going to share everything but this is a brief portion.

While seeing my regular OBGYN we were not conceiving, so we tried ovulation kits, medication to ensure you ovulate (blood tests every month), many blood tests, invasive tests, countless ultrasounds and so much more. (I have seen my uterus more times than I can count) Everything was always normal so we just kept trying. (Hearing all the time it will happen when it’s meant to, everything happens for a reason, just be patient, when you stop trying it will happen…..) PLEASE DON’T SAY THESE THINGS TO PEOPLE! I know it is meant well but every time I hear it or someone I know with similar issues hears it, it is like a stab in the heart and brings up many emotions that you just couldn’t understand without being in this position. Ok off my tangent now.

After all these tests we finally went to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (Fertility Specialist/RE). The first office we went to was a terrible experience, we were shoved from room to room just repeating everything to MAs, Nurses and then finally a doctor who then sent us back to another nurse, never seeing the same person twice. They all told us different things, no one was on the same page and they didn’t listen to us. When we asked questions they were not happy, they clearly wanted to move us through like an assembly line. This was not the experience we were looking for.

We switched to another provider and she was amazing. Our experience completely changed. (Don’t be afraid to speak up and change physicians – you are the patient you have rights!) I had the first of many surgeries to clean out my uterus, check my Fallopian Tubes and my ovaries, who knows what else but more. During this process it was discovered that I have Stage 4 Endometriosis. This was shocking to me and my doctor as I didn’t have any pain symptoms, or at least I didn’t think I did, I have a high pain tolerance but no one was expecting to find this. After cleaning all of that out we began IVF. We have our embryos frozen and so far have not had success. I can talk further about the details of that process in a future post.

Since we moved, I again had to switch physicians, I went with a provider that my previous physician knew and she has also been wonderful. After her review of my tests and doing her own she came to the conclusion that my fallopian tubes need to be removed. This was considered in the past but they were always left in. A lot of people asked me why, as these tubes are essential to pregnancy naturally. My tubes were obstructed inside which made them hold fluid, that fluid becomes a poison and when it falls into the uterus it can harm/kill/prevent pregnancy. She feels this is why our IVF has been unsuccessful so far. I was very hopeful that during the surgery we would be able to save one of the tubes, however this was not possible as both were too far damaged from the endometriosis. Since both are gone, I am now “sterile”, I wish there was a nicer word. It means I cannot get pregnant naturally. Our only chance is through IVF.

I am recovering now and we will decide what our next steps are in the coming weeks/months. All of this is very costly and mentally draining. Each couple will have a different experience and different choices to make. There are no wrong answers. I have days where I can’t keep the tears from falling and I have days where I remember how blessed I am to even have the ability to try everything we have so far. I have a great support system and we have shared very little so far. I am happy to answer any questions.

**Endometriosis does not mean fertility issues, every woman responds differently**

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Here are some of the easy foods I have been enjoying

Smoothies! I like to add Cinnamon & Honey – you can read about the benefits of these and why I add them in previous posts. Also Flax Seed & Chis Seeds sometimes, I use frozen fruit instead of ice with my vanilla flavors.


Eggs! I love scrambled eggs and adding spinach, black beans and salsa adds additional protein and deliciousness. It’s an easy lunch or breakfast because in just 5 minutes you have a full plate of nutrients to fuel you for hours. Any veggies are great such as mushrooms, peppers, avocado…you name it or have it throw it in.


Salmon! This is one of my go to foods to order out because it’s a great healthy option. At home I cook it on a grill pan and add it to couscous or quinoa and steamed veggies.

What are some of your quick go to eats?

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Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve

We went for a family hike at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The area offers many different trails, some paved and some more natural. This allows for different levels to enjoy, bikes and dogs welcome. The Sunday we went it had recently rained and several trails were flooded, so keep that in mind if you are planning a trip. There is plenty of parking, restrooms and trashcans. Since it was a nice weekend afternoon there were quit a few people there and it didn’t feel crowded. There are so many different options that you can enjoy your time and not be in a crowd.


The area also has a team building ropes course, which I would love to do! If anyone in the area is interested you can find it online to book your time. There is also an amphitheater where they do some great shows. (schedule also online)

We will definitely go back and explore more, we walked about 3 miles and the dogs had a blast. There are creeks, hills, trees galore and so much to see. It is a must for anyone who loves to hike or walk. I can’t wait to see the area in the summer with all of the trees filled in and plants full.