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Being Active

Getting back to a real structure of working out has been difficult. I really can’t find the time. It’s not an excuse but work has been overwhelmingly busy, sleep is hard to come by, early mornings are a daily thing but with the babe. SO when I find 10 minutes I take it.

There are so many workout videos online you can watch for FREE, tons on Instagram, lots of workouts on Pinterest, and so much more. So I will never let finances be a reason not to work out. I know I am so cheap.

When I find my window the past month I have been really good about taking it to do a quick video or workout. I try to walk when the weather allows (The Babe loves to be outside) You can also find me randomly doing squats, lunges, pushups, and planks throughout the day. I am telling you just do what you can when you can.

I have seen a difference, not that I am going to lose a ton of weight and that is NOT my goal. I feel fine with any number but I feel flabby so I just want to tone my muscles again. I also am working to retrain my ab muscles since my c-section. It has been very difficult to regain those core muscles and I do have a little pudge there. It’s no longer flat. I am ok with that as long as I feel strong. I am focusing on pulling those muscles in as much as I can throughout the day.

I will be sharing my favorite free workouts soon so be on the look out!

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