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Yoga House Boerne

I was so excited to try out Yoga House Boerne, I have seen Rachel on social media and she looked so fun and inspiring. I checked out her website, which is very user friendly and easy to sign up for classes. I did her gentle yoga and yoga flow. Even though I workout so many different places I always get a little nervous going to a new place for the first time. Rachel was so welcoming and personable. She was easy to speak with and individually welcomed each person into the class.


Her gentle yoga class was very calming and a slower pace so you can really melt into each pose and expand your muscles deeper through your breath. This is a great class for beginners to gain experience and also good for experienced yogis to slow down and really embrace each pose.

The yoga flow class was a higher pace with a mixture of advanced poses and modifications to build up your practice. She really focused on each persons form to ensure your body is in proper alignment for the best results and safety. I really enjoyed that she walked around and checked each person in the room assisting when necessary. It can be very hard during yoga to know if you are in the right position and you can’t always see the instructor. Having that additional help and then feeling the change when you get to the right place really pushes you to progress in your practice.


She offers classes 6 days a week at convenient times to accommodate work schedules. The studio is conveniently located at I10 near Fair Oaks Ranch, just behind the gas station. It is located in the basement of her home, how convenient for her right! It is set up so nicely and allows for great class size to allow the attention each student needs.

Check out her schedule and sign up for come classes!

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