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RX Bars

I love a good protein/granola bar. I need something I can grab and go with when I need a snack or just an on the go bite that isn’t fast food or full of sugar. Not all bars are created equal so I have tried tons. Some I like, some not so much. Finding one that works for you is hard.

I have been trying out the new RX bars. I love the ingredients and how easy they make it with “No BS”. The texture is another story. Chewy is an understatement and it gets stuck in my teeth, so annoying. However the taste is great for every flavor I have tried. With the taste and ingredients being such pluses I can get by the texture. It takes me a long time to eat a bar and I don’t like to bit it, I prefer to tear off a piece and eat it that way. It eliminates some of the sticky in my teeth.


They even have a kids version, as seen above, I think they are just a little smaller, other than that I didn’t find much difference.

They are easy to get too, I mean they are sold at Target for one, who doesn’t love a Target run?

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