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I have had long hair for about 8 years, before that I would cut and grow it out every couple years but after college I hadn’t cut my hair, except for an occasional trim. The trim alone was traumatic enough. lol Thinking about it I didn’t have long hair for me or anyone else, it was something I could control. At times it was so long I really couldn’t do anything with it and it looked a mess.

The control was what I wanted. We get to control our hair, we can change it’s color, length, texture and style anytime we want. It gives us something no one else can and that is complete control. I make the decision about my hair, no one else. Do I listen to others opinions, sure, but in the end it is what I want. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of control of things in our life.

Recently I had a lot of change happening in my life and around me, I felt I had no control over anything. So I chopped off my long hair. It was a little freeing at the time because I had the control. A little more than I was ready for came off, but it will grow again. I can have long hair again if I want or I could cut more off. I think this is something a lot of women and girls do when things around them are not in their control. I made a drastic change but it was freeing. My hair is also much healthier and I am able to wear it different ways and style it much easier.

I needed control of something in that moment and I felt better for a few minutes.

What change have you made to keep control in your life?

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