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Christmas this year was a little bitter sweet for me. It was the first time we didn’t see our families in the eight years we have been together. With all of the changes and traveling in November it just wasn’t possible this year. We were all together in spirit and talked on the phone but it just wasn’t the same.

We made the best of it and spent our time together enjoying some rest and new traditions. I had been wanting to visit the Don Strange Christmas lights here in Boerne and on Christmas Eve after the candle light service we headed out to see them. It was very impressive, driving through tunnels of lights and seeing all of the moving lights. They had a police car chasing a vehicle, golfers, gingerbread men throwing a ball and so much more. There is also a little village you can visit with shops and sweet treats. I loved that we waiting until Christmas Eve to drive through.

Christmas day was spent at home in our pajamas all day. We slowly opened our gifts and grilled steaks for dinner. It was a nice way to enjoy our first holiday in 8 years on our own.

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