Something I have always enjoyed is Yoga. When we lived in Indiana I belonged to a studio and went at least weekly. It takes me back to my days of dance and the deep breathing with body control allows me to release stress. If you haven’t ever tried yoga before and you are an athlete or workout enthusiast, like myself, this can be a great way to expand your muscle strength and breathing to give you more endurance.

Since relocating to Texas I didn’t immediately find a studio or practice on a regular basis. I recently found multiple weekly classes for free, yes free, all over the city. I have been going for a couple months now. I really like it because I get to experience different studios, versions of class and I have been to several new locations. I really recommend it for anyone looking for a place to join or a fun weekend morning activity. Join me!

Here are some photos of classes I have done.







One of my favorite free classes to attend is sponsored by Athleta at The Shops at La Cantera, they have a yoga studio of the month and put on an 8:30am class each Saturday morning in the store. I love starting my day with a great workout that offers so many different ways for me to push myself. I have also found that my Saturdays have become so much more productive, you can’t beat that.

I invite everyone in the area to join me.

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