When you workout in a group class how closely do you listen to the instructor? I listen pretty closely because it helps me get through. In a recent class the instructor said “Why are you here?”. I don’t really know what it was about that statement but it really stuck with me. Not only in working out but in my daily life.

I want to start by answering the instructors question in the class, why was I there? Fitness has truly been a journey for me. I never worked out until I was an adult. I was always very active with dance from the age of 2 through college so I never really had a need for actual work outs. After college I started working a 8-5 office job. All of the sitting and change in eating schedule and habits had a big impact on my health. I would run out and grab the quickest thing for lunch and boy did it show. I remember the first time I was in my closet and went to put on a pair of jeans and they didn’t fit. I was in shock. This had never happened to me before. I remember trying on a couple other pairs and realizing that nothing fit the same. I felt like it happened over night. I was so uncomfortable, I didn’t want to leave my apartment.

I started thinking more about what I was eating and stopped drinking all the sodas. I lost some weight and stated to feel better. About a year and a half of that I still wasn’t feeling great and it was effecting other aspects of my life. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across an Under Armor post about the Sweat A Day challenge. It was 30 days of doing a different exercise each day and posting your pic for the group. I joined in. I really liked that it was easy to follow and posting the picture each day held me accountable. I did this challenge for 6 months in a row and with each day I got more and more excited about it. I started to see results and wanted to make some bigger changes. I began doing longer workouts and saw more results. Each day it got a little easier and became part of my routine.

This entire process began about 7 years ago now. My love for working out didn’t happen over night. I now do something active once a day and have learned so much about my diet choices. I have good days and bad but I have lost 20 pounds and kept it off. The number on the scale may not be the same as when I graduated college but I am happy with my body and how I look. I am happy with how I feel and the routine I have. I am happy!

So Why was I there? I was there to let out steam from the day. I was there to keep up with my body. I was there for my health. I was there for me. Most of all, I was there so I would never have that feeling of being alone in my closet and none of my pants fit. I did it for my future.

Why are you here?

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