Weekend So Far

Happy Sunday. I am feeling amazing after sleeping in. I have the dogs sleeping on the couch, I am drinking tea and the sun is shining. It is going to be a gorgeous day so I hope I get my to do list finished.

Friday I was able to clean the house, which is so nice to have that done and be able to enjoy the weekend. Yesterday I did some shopping for house stuff, after finding one thing I have been looking for I ended up in the baby section of every store looking for things for my niece. So I had to leave lol. I am spoiling this little girl so much and she isn’t even here yet. I need to get it together or her mommy and daddy might get a little mad at me. Especially when Christmas and her birthday come around each year. I can’t make any promises. I may not be able to ever tell her no. 🙂

Yesterday morning I made our traditional weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon and bagels. I did have a sweet little helper. He always has to help me cook, or clean up anything that may fall to the floor.

Last night we enjoyed a fun night out with friends at Whiskey Cake. I always get the same sandwich there, the Chicken and Cheddar Melt. It is so delicious! We also shared the chips and onion dip, so yummy, and you can’t go there without sharing the Whiskey Cake. All so good. We also had great service from the waitress. I will say we had a reservation and they tried to seat us at a table that could barely accommodate two people much less four. They did move us after asking several times, so when making a reservation make sure to request a specific table.

I need to figure out what I am doing today. Everyone enjoy their Sunday!

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