Weekend Catch Up

What a crazy week! I feel like I haven’t had a second to myself in forever. Over the past week there have been so many functions after work and the past weekends that before you know it it’s another week over. I love being busy but it seems like everything always happens a one time.

This weekend was full of things as well but I still found time to clean the house, do laundry, run errands and yard work. All the things that fall to the way side when I am hardly home. It was so nice that Saturday night we didn’t have any plans so we just made dinner together and watched a movie. Those are some of my favorite moments when it’s just the two of us enjoying our home and little family. The simple things in life truly remind you of what matters most. Just laying on the couch talking about everything that we haven’t been able to catch up on. To top it off our dinner was delicious.

Today was another busy one but our evening came together with a long walk with the dogs. Our little guy is a little over weight so he needs to do more workouts just like mommy and daddy. I have to find a way to work out before work because there is always something after work that I don’t have time any more. I absolutely do not like mornings so this is going to be very hard, but if I want to keep the weight off I need to find a way. Wish me luck and anyone else who I run into in the mornings hehe.

Ankle weights are a great addition to any walk. These were a steal at TJ Maxx


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