Saturday Mornings

I love my weekend mornings, when I can get a little extra sleep and wake up with my fur babies. I love to sit on the back patio drinking my coffee while they play in the yard. It is so relaxing and since moving to Texas we get to enjoy some amazing weather year round. I am glad to finally be in our home where I can enjoy these little things in life. Sitting there also gives me time to just think without all of the hustle and bustle of the work week and the go go go I always feel like we have going on. It’s nice to just have a moment.


I do however find my self always thinking about what to do next and what I need to get done. Lately I have been focused on decorating each room of our house. I have been doing one at a time and I finally have the dining room complete. (for now) I can’t wait to have some people over and actually use that room. Dinner party anyone? I am now trying to do some stuff in our living room. I got some new shelves this week and now I need to dress them, as they are a little bare. I also want new furniture but I am having a really hard time finding exactly what I want so that may take us a while. More to come on that.

The font of our house has it’s fall decor on. I enjoy decorating the outside of the house and seeing all the neighbors do the same. I see some great ideas out there that I will be trying in the future. Some how my vision never really turns out exactly how I want. I need some crafty help!

I enjoy our home so much and it is just crazy to me to think that this is the third home we have purchased in the last 4 years. My husband and I have seriously been though so much with each move and each house. The memories are amazing but I really hope that there isn’t a move in my near future, although I think I am a pro at moving now!

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday mornings like I do.

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