Refresh Weekly Planner

I have to tell you about this amazing planner! I love to organize, plan, track and set goals. I have used a planner since 5th grade and I will never stop. There are so many out there to choose from and so many different types but I think I have found the best of all worlds. The Refresh Weekly Planner from JLynn Designery.

How fun is this packaging!


Doesn’t miss a single detail!

This planner has months, weeks and quarter lay outs. You can use the goal planning section at the beginning of each quarter to set some expectations for the upcoming time period. This way you have made a commitment to the goal and can track to see how you are doing. It is also a great reminder to keep going and not fall off the wagon.


I normally have my planner open to the view of the entire month on my desk at work. This allows me to see what is coming so I can be prepared. It also allows me to track my workouts and appointments so I don’t miss any commitments.

I use the weekly view for a more in-depth look at my day. What do I need to do in the morning, noon and night? I can make lists here and even doodle when you need a minute to breathe.

This is NOT the first Refresh Weekly Planner I have purchased and each year they get better and better. The cover designs are beautiful and you open up to calming pastels that bring some fun into every plan.

The best part of this planner….It is designed by my college Sorority sister. She has a true talent for design and motivation. You can purchase the planner and much more on her website www.jlynndesignery.com

I love the fun pens = Plan All The Things
One of the great to do lists you can find on the website

Let me know what you get and love!

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