Rain Rain Rain

Some days I really have to laugh at life. It has been raining since Saturday morning here in the lone star state. With all of the rain there are lots of little creatures I have seen in my back yard while letting the doggies out. Hunter loves to chase them all and you really have to drag him back inside.

Well…yesterday I got home from work and let them out, as I always do. Hannah comes right back to the door because she is a diva and hates to get wet. I hold the door open and yell for Hunter, he surprisingly came sprinting in and immediately dove around like he was looking for something. I got down on the ground to see what he was looking for and thought I saw a bug. I crawl around looking under the furniture and don’t see anything. My husband comes home and asks what am I doing. I was like oh I thought I saw a bug.

As I stand up I see a dark spot across the room and I go to look at it….omg it was a baby frog! I totally freaked out, that is not what I thought I was going to see. Now all that is running though my mind is how do you get a frog out of the house. I decided to get a glass out of the cabinet and put it on top of the frog until I decided what to do. I have the glass, as I bend down to place it over the frog but of course it hops and I scream jumping away. My husbands reaction to all of this is just priceless. After the screaming I throw the glass down over the frog. Ugh relief, I am safe lol

I place a plastic plate underneath the glass and carry the baby frog to safety in the back yard.

Now every time I open the door there is a quick shut and I look all around to ensure he or she doesn’t come back for a visit.

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