Keepin It Real

Keeping it fit is always a battle. Food and time are my enemies. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and I give in almost every time. When I say no I am very proud of myself. Making sure I keep up with my workouts can also be a battle as life is always busy.  There is always something going on but every movement is a good one. Even if it is just cleaning or yard work, those activities keep you moving and burn more calories that you are even aware of.

outdoor yoga
leg day in the back yard
3 mile walk

I try to do something each day to stay active. It may not always be an intense workout but it always gets the heart rate up and keeps me moving. Lately I have been going on a lot of walks and trying to work out outside. I love getting out especially because I spend my entire work day inside. I sit for long periods and stare at a computer screen. By the end of the day my eyes hurt, my neck is tight and I can feel my a$$ getting bigger. 🙂

Working out not only keeps me moving and allows me to enjoy my sweet tooth but it helps with my anxiety. After a workout I always feel calm. I feel more at ease and somehow the worry takes a back seat. It always comes back but it also can always take a seat. Being active helps me in many ways.

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