Joshua Springs Parks & Preserves

Exploring! I love to explore the area and what there is to offer around us. Joshua Springs Park & Preserve is just a few miles north of us. It is a gorgeous park with a great area for kids to play, fishing piers, hiking trails, dog park and bird watching buildings.
We spent a Sunday afternoon walking the trails, looking at nature (searching for deer for the hubs) and seeing what it had to offer. There were many people fishing from the piers, kids running around, many friendly dogs and lots of families enjoying the day. They even have a small plane flying area. This area is very well thought out and extremely taken care of. It the perfect destination for someone looking to enjoy a day in the sun!
I loved the waterfalls, this one was my favorite. You could walk a lot closer but I am still not a true Texan and snakes are a huge fear so I didn’t want to get to close to the taller grass. I am a scardey cat!


Every where you turn is gorgeous “hill country”. Beautiful green, lots of birds, fish, frogs and so much more.


I can’t wait to go again and explore a new trail.



The dog park here will be the next stop for us. They need a day to play and I will follow up with a post for more information on that.

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