Golf is something I am not the best at but I have been told I have a great swing and with more practice I could be a competitor. I don’t really care about winning a match, my husband would never let that happen anyway. Golf is something that actually brought my husband and I together seven years ago. It was how our friendship first developed. He gave me great pointers and taught me everything I know about the game. He purchased my first set of golf clubs for my birthday, purple of course, and I still use them. He says I need a new pair but I just love this set.

We belong to a club here and my husband golfs very regularly. I go on and off but recently I have been going each weekend with him. It is a great way for us to spend time together and it’s a tough game physically & mentally. I have gotten better too, bonus.





I love spending my weekends outdoors and things brings all the things I love together.

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