Fun Eats

I love food! I am always thinking about what to eat next. Who doesn’t like to eat? Lately I have been trying some new places to eat and here are some of the fun treats I have had recently and the places to check out.

The Frozen Lemonade at Chick Fil A! It is delicious and such a fun treat. I got a free coupon from a career fair we were working and I totally forgot about it. I was able to go get it on a break from work and it was amazing. Not something I could eat all the time but for a refreshing tart treat it is perfect!
I had brunch at Supper the other weekend. I had the poached egg with greens & avocado along with coffee. It was delicious. The service was little lacking but I would go back for another shot.
The location and atmosphere at Supper is perfect, go check it out!
I love wings! I hardly get them but on a fun Friday night out with the hubby we both wanted some wings. We headed over to Sauced (here in Boerne). They have a great selection of sauces and wings. I prefer boneless which they don’t offer so I get the strips, so it is close enough. Their sauces are spicy so I always go a step lower than I would normally order. Make sure to check them out.

I still have many more places to go but let me know what you think if you try these fun treats!

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