Florida Trip

I was able to spend a long weekend in Florida with several family members. Here is my trip in pictures!

My sister baked this cake for me and we celebrated my birthday!

For my Birthday my parents gave me my Great Grandmother’s wedding band with their names engraved inside. They were married in 1929


Long walks in the morning


My niece and I


We were able to meet a dear friend for dinner.
Miss Kylie went swimming for the first time


Daddy & Kylie


Manatee watching


My favorite girls



She loves being outside
Kylie got to meet Aunt Toria’s BFF


I was so excited to see Ashley and meet her darling son Auggie!
Beachin Babes



I loved spending every day with my grandparents
Family Dinner


We love you all


Our family history book is pretty amazing

This trip could not have come at a more perfect time. I needed the time with my family to remember what is truly important. Nothing else matter when you have a loving and supportive family. We may live far apart but the love never changes. They are my whole life and are just amazing people. As we continue to grow and add to our family it always stays the same. I love you!

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