Fitness at it’s Finest

Hello blogging world. I have been a little distracted by things that don’t matter. What keeps me feeling positive and fierce? Working out! It truly makes me feel better no matter what and when I miss a couple day or weeks I can tell a huge difference in my daily feels. So here are some of my workout selfies and what I have been up to in the gym.

I love working out at home! I have everything I need and I can workout looking as silly as I want and no one can judge me.


This was right after Christmas and all that holiday eating was making me feel a little bigger and out of shape. After taking this pic I felt a lot better. I felt like I wasn’t as off track as I originally thought. Don’t be afraid to take a selfie!


Hitting the home gym hard for that flat tummy.
Sometimes you need to take a pic to look at it and see oh look I do have abs. Maybe not 6 but some are there. Progress shows and seeing it helps to motivate you to keep going.


On the weekends I go to the gym for a change of scenery and the use of some additional equipment.


Arms are my worst feature. I have to really focus to make sure I get in enough weights for my arms. I have terrible upper body strength but you gotta work at all parts of your body.


Abs abs and more abs. I have to do abs all the time because I like to eat.


Weekend sweat


I love this gym because I can usually be in there with just myself or maybe one other person.
Don’t worry about anyone but your workout and focus on your tasks for the day.


The more I workout the happier I get! (This is one of my favorite pics)


Evenings at home are the best.




I can see the progress in my legs here. Squats and Lunges are your friend.
Tonight’s workout was cardio with some let focus.
I know a lot of people get a little weird about workout selfies but I like to take them because it makes me feel positive about my progress. Sometimes I look at the photo after a long day where I felt not so great and realize I have made  huge difference from my start. Do what makes you happy and don’t care what other people might think.

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