Field Trips

Working 8-5 jobs can get you in a rut. I know I have been there for sure. I felt like I was sitting in my office all day and missing out on so much going on. My husband always got on to me for not “taking my lunch break”. I would take my lunch with me to work and eat at my desk. He kept telling me to leave, take a break, get out. I know he is right but I always felt/feel like I am missing work.

However that is not the case. You are entitled to your lunch break, and so am I! Recently I have been taking some time to take, what I refer to as a field trip, during my lunch break. It started off because I had coupons for free bags of dog food so I had to go get those. I don’t miss out on free. 🙂 From there I wanted to go grab a coffee and then try a new place here and there.

I love my field trips. I enjoy the break and not staring at my computer. I still take my lunch with me but I enjoy trying new places near the office and I feel better during the afternoon at my desk. I tried Munchies, which has great Mexican treats and drinks. I had never been before and I know they have several locations in San Antonio. I had the Jamaica Aquas Frescas and it was delicious & refreshing.

I also tried to new Local Coffee location off of Northwest Military. I have been to Local Coffee before and I love coffee so how could I pass this place up. This local coffee shop is adorable and so yummy. I had the iced coffee with almond milk and a chocolate chip cookie. The staff was super friendly and this location has a great atmosphere.

I am going to continue to take my breaks and explore what is around me. Any suggestions? Point me in the right direction!

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