Enchanted Rock

Since I moved to Texas I have heard about Enchanted Rock, and I am excited to say we were finally able to go for a hike! We had the day off for Labor Day and decided to take a drive and hike the rock, it is about a 45 minute drive from our house in Boerne, TX.

It was beautiful and amazing to see. The shape of the large rock was really impressive to me, I had no idea how round it was. As we hiked up it seemed like no big deal at first, but then it suddenly changes to a smooth steep surface and boy is it a calf workout to get up to the top. I loved the hike and the amazing views as you headed up to the top.

This is absolutely a site for everyone to see who comes to Texas. Make sure to take a bunch of water and any snack you may want. There isn’t anywhere to get anything like that. There was a small food truck but it was only ice cream. That was my only negative about the park. It is well taken care of and a beautiful Texas attraction.

When you stop at the front entrance they give you great information and a map to decide which trail you want to do, it is $7.00/person. They offer many other hikes aside from the main attraction of Enchanted Rock (The Summit Trail). They do not allow dogs on the Summit Trail. Let me know what you think when you go!

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