Curb Appeal

Being a home owner is not something that is new to me, and one of my favorite things to do is yard work. I love to mow, grow grass and work on the flower beds. Many people will find that hard to believe. I do NOT have a green thumb in any way. Normally everything dies, and dies pretty quickly. I can’t help but laugh. I try so hard too, following all instructions and still no luck. So I continue to try.

Last weekend I purchased several new plants, mulch and seeds. I put new mulch in all the flower beds, planted new plants and created some pots to put around the patio and front porch. I have been working on the lawn since we moved in last summer. There was grass but it wasn’t very think and certain areas of the yard just seem to be weeds. I continue to work on this by pulling the weeds and putting out seed & weed and feed.







I want to be one of the homes in the neighborhood that when you drive by or pull up you just get a sense of happiness. I like the curb appeal of homes and seeing the different things people do. I have a lot of bushes that aren’t really my thing but they are so hard to remove I am just trying to rejuvenate them. I did a large pruning several weeks ago because they were just sticks and nothing inside. I cut them back and now they have so much new growth and are coming much better. (Now if only my neighbors would do that lol) I am excited to see how everything comes in for the summer.

It’s year round yard work here in Texas so I am getting used to that. Really I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my plants stay alive. Please send good thoughts my way 🙂

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