Today at work I wasn’t feeling so great about my body. I was wearing a dress I normally love but today I just wasn’t feeling it. After work I came home and did a great sweaty cardio secession, made a healthy dinner, took my vitamins and showered. When putting on my sweat pants I noticed that they fit differently. They were a little looser in the leg and booty area. Some days you just might now see or feel it but keep going because consistency produces results. It also gave me a little boost of confidence knowing my pants fit a little better.

Here are some pics of recent workouts.

I sweat so much more when I work out at home! Gotta love it


Fun Gym day (all to myself)


Sometimes my pics aren’t that great, but I love it anyway!


Working on that leg definition – I see progress


Becoming a Texan everyday


Leg Day


Arm Day


This was today!
I also just want to say I have no idea how much I weigh. I really don’t care! I feel good about where I am and where I am going. What are your favorite work outs? Share with me because I love to try new ones.

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