It’s Hump day and for that reason I am going to relive my birthday that happened two weeks ago. I was not at all excited about turning 29. I feel like some parts of my life are not where I thought they would be at this age. Is that a real problem? No, it’s life. It doesn’t go as planned. I am truly happy in every aspect of my life so 29 can’t be that bad. It was one of the best birthdays I have every had!

I got the sweetest surprise from a wonderful co-worker. She brought me a heart felt card, balloon & cupcake. Everyone knows I am in love with cupcakes! Several fabulous ladies took me to lunch where we all enjoyed tons of laughs and Mexican food. (Why not? I do live in Texas now) When I got back from lunch there were flowers and a balloon from my sweet husband. I know he isn’t big on sending flowers so when he does it is such a surprise and I get the biggest smile on my face. About an hour later some more flowers came in. I had absolutely no clue who they would be from….Turns out my niece sets the bar pretty high for being 3 months old! (Thanks to her mom and dad also)

That day I also got to talk to my amazing family in several wonderful phone calls and received several cards in the mail from friends and family!

After getting home from a fabulous work day my hubby took me to dinner at Piatti. It is a great Italian restaurant. We enjoyed some excellent food, I had the lobster cannelloni and he had the chicken parmesan. We ended by sharing some desert and headed home to our fur babies.

I felt/feel truly loved by everyone who has been so welcoming to me in Texas. 29 seems to be off to a great start and I am excited to see what else it has to bring.

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