24 Day Challenge

I am getting serious! I needed a jump start after I felt like I have plateaued with my health. I needed something to grab my attention and change my normal routine. As you all know, I do not like fad plans or “diets”. I think you have to make a permanent life style change. I still believe this 100%.

However I did cave and I started a 24 Day Advocare challenge. Why did I do this? Well because I needed to make a change. I think this challenge promotes a great change I can incorporate into my daily life for a permanently.

Prepped my 10 days of pills and drinks in labeled bags – grab and go
Continuing to workout will be key – you have to do both

The first 10 days are a cleanse. You start your day with a probiotic and Fiber drink (it is yucky) but full of benefits. Then breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, after dinner snack and herbal cleanse at bed time. Your meals should focus on protein, vegetables, fruit and a complex carb. I have always needed to eat more through out the day and this is the change that I am looking for in my daily life. After the cleanse phase it is the max phase where you change to vitamins through out the day and you can stop the fiber drink! When I get there I will update on that part.

I made my own zucchini chips!
Such a simple meal, chicken, black beans & corn cooked in the crock pot. Lettuce as the wrap!

I started my first day yesterday and it was pretty easy. The hardest part was drinking the fiber drink. I spent Sunday meal prepping and have all my meals ready for the week. This chicken was so easy, throw it all in and then separate into portions. I also put all my fruit, nuts and veggies into portion containers as well, again grab and go. This makes it easy to follow the healthy eating. Day two went really well also. As I sit here I am not hungry, I do not feel deprived, I am not craving anything. Keep in mind it’s only day 2 lol

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