24 Day Challenge Update

The Cleanse is done! I have been meaning to share but kept getting caught up in other things. After day 10 I felt great, I didn’t cheat at all and I had lost 7 pounds. It was pretty easy to eat on the schedule after a few days. There were times when I felt like by the evening snack I just couldn’t eat anymore. So I would eat 1/4 cup of almonds or grapes. Something to keep me going but also small.


I have been continuing on for the next phase of the 24 day challenge, currently on day 21! I am almost done. I just finished meal prepping for the week, which will take me past the 24 days but I am going to keep up the eating because that is the change I was wanting over all. I am just using this as a jump start.

My schedule normally goes as follows:

1. Pre breakfast pills
2. Coffee
3. Meal Replacement Shake & Green pills
4. Morning snack – usually fruit
5. Walk 2 miles
6. Pre lunch pills
7. Lunch of protein and veggies mostly & lunch time pills
8. Afternoon snack – normally rice cake & peanut butter or nuts
9. Work out – 3-4 days a week
10. Dinner – protein & veggies & omega plex
11. Evening snack – a fruit bar
12. Bedtime – catalyst

Just typing all of that made me tired lol. It has really changed my eating habits so I am really looking forward to the next steps. Lets see what my final results are. I will share my before and after photos!

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