24 Day Challenge Complete

I did it! I completed the Advocare 24 day challenge. I really enjoyed the eating scheduled and have continued that after the challenge. I am still not a fan of all the pills, during the max phase I just feel there were way too many.

I do recommend the challenge for anyone who is looking to kick start their health, it teaches great eating habits and encourages healthy practices. I love to work out already and editing my eating was what I needed to focus on. During this 24 days I am happy to say I lost 10.6 pounds! I feel great and am much happier in my clothes. All of my pants are too big now, people are even commenting on how my pants are baggy. I have also worn some clothes I didn’t feel comfortable in before the challenge.



Since continuing to eat on the same schedule and basic practices I have lost more weight. I believe the eating is what has made this big change. I will continue this and continue to reach my goals. My goals are not tied to a weight number because it isn’t about a number. It is about how you feel and making yourself the best you can be. I am feeling great. Be accountable with me on MyFitnessPal.

My next challenge is to make it though the upcoming week of work travel without gaining anything back. Work travel can be full of unhealthy food and very little time to exercise. I am going to do everything I can to eat right and workout each day. I will follow up on how this goes!

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